DIY: BlackBerry Curve Bike Holder

Last weekend I had a very special problem: "How do I mount my BlackBerry Curve onto my bike so that the GPS receiver works optimal?"

Well at that point there are two possibilities for solving the problem:

1. Search on the net until you find a sutable bike holder and buy it.
2. Grab yourself some common household material and tinker your own bike holder.

As I wanted my bike holder now and as cheap as possible I took variant two...

Ok, the target was clear and after a quick search I found the needed material:

WARNING: This guidance is crazy - if you still want to reproduce it - do it at your own risk!

1. A suction pad with a diameter of about 4 to 5 cm and a peg on it's back

2. About 50cm of lanyard

3. A little bit of sellotape

4. A suitable mounting point on your bike. In my case I just took of my speedometer...

The first step is to connect lanyard with the suction pad. I looped the lanyard two times around and secured everything with two knots.

Afterwards you can press the tied suction pad on the battery covery of your BlackBerry Curve. As the battery cover does not stand much traction I used the sellotape for enforcing the connection between the battery cover and the main body. If you are finished make sure that the suction pad does really stick on the bettery cover - if it is not you may later damage your BlackBerry...

Now we use the lanyard and the peg for establishing a loose coupling between the BlackBerry and the bike holder. I looped the lanyard several times around the bike holder and finally around my bell. That was enough, I did not even need a knot.

If you now think "That does never hold" - it does (until now)!

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